Fun Facts

I will update this list as I think of things

1. I smile too big
2. I have a weird liking of plates. Pretty plates. They make me really happy :p
3. Purple is not my favorite color but I tend to be drawn to purple things
4. I cannot jumprope and look like I am the least bit successful at accomplishing whatever a person is trying to accomplish while jumping rope
5. I don't wash fruit
6. I swallow gum
7. And cherry seeds
8. I am food aggressive with pomegranates
9. I can't use glue without getting it in my hair
10. I refuse to celebrate Columbus day
11. Anything that is a baby I refer to as a Puppy (assuming it a cute baby thing, I wouldn't call a baby snake a puppy)
12. Sometimes I photograph Asian
13. I have an invisible birthmark

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  1. Hey Dylan,

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Thanks for creating such a great blog to read!

    I hope you enjoy the questions I've created for you - check them (and the rules) out here: