Monday, November 18, 2013

The Bestie Birthday

PS -  I made this (:

So todays is a really important day. Its my best friends birthday. 

We aren't your typical best friends. 

Most girls that are best friends fight all the time - we have maybe had 3 fights in the 4+ years we've been besties. One of them may or may not have been about who got to be the prettiest disney princess...

Only because it was entirely necessary to have these photos resurface
We both know sign language and can sign to each other about you in front of your face and you will be clueless as to what it is we are saying.

I fell in love with her a long time ago but the day I knew that we were going to be best friends for a really long time is when she told me she made wishes on my eyelashes for me. Seriously, it melted my heart.

One time she had to give an impromptu speech about someone she admired and she gave that speech about me. Is that not the cutest thing you've ever heard?!

We park in parking lots to have full on jam sessions to Lady Gaga. We have decided that we are too perfect to be stable so we are the newest unstable element on the periodic table. And I don't think we have ever experienced a normal day together. 

She is the strong one and I'm the one who cries for the both of us. She thinks the only reason I wanted to be friends with her was so I could pick her split ends. 

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what I contribute to the relationship other than my unconditional love for her. Actually, I can clean/organize pretty well -  so I've got that to offer. Well I mean I guess I know that something magical happens when we are together and we become this one super-being that everyone loves and hates at the same time. They love us because well, we are us. And they hate us because they know that they won't ever be as incredible as we are. 

We happen to be perfect. Go ahead look at the pictures and tell me we aren't perfect. I dare you. If you happen to feel that we aren't perfect then you are wrong. End of discussion.

So now she is 21 and old and I have to wait about a year until I can go out with her ): but anyways - Lindsay (: I hope you are having an amazing birthday and I can't wait to see you when you come home. We will do wonderful winter time things and be all cute and stuff. 

Brian (her boyfriend) made it into the post too cause he's just as awesome as she is 

So I just came to realize that you are more than likely the product of a valentines day adult sleep over.
Incase you never thought about that, now you have. 
You're welcome.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Follow your dreams. But not your heart?

When we are little we always are told that we can be anything our little heart desires. We are told to chase our dreams and to never let anyone get in the way of them. So we dream up the biggest dream we can think of and let it grow inside of us for years and years. 

So we go through life with all these adults telling us that we shouldn't let anyone stand in the way of what we want to become. When people tell us we aren't good enough most of us have someone there to tell us that isn't true. They tell us that we are amazing and that we WILL indeed be whatever it is we want to be. 

But theres something huge thats left out. 

They don't tell us that one day theres going to be a fork in the road.
That we might meet someone and fall in love. 
They don't tell us that sometimes the dreams clash. 
The thing we have desired our whole lives might not be the thing that will fulfill our hearts longings. 
They don't tell us about the marvel of love or that it could be a dream we have that is just as big as the other things we have been aspiring for our whole lives. 

And I mean, it makes sense to leave it out because when they tell us this we are far too young to be thinking about marriage.  We obviously are aware of love and know we want it. How often do we hear about little girls dreaming up their weddings for when they meet Prince Charming. 

But nobody really tells us that Prince Charming has his own dreams too. Or that our dreams might not leave much time for a family. 

Never have I been told to dream within a certain proximity that will leave room for a family one day. 

But why not tell us that?
I mean for me - my parents are in love; clearly they chose love to be their dream. And I know my parents are happy with their choice. They are very happy. My mom left her dream job in California to come to Arizona with my dad because he had to retire from his dream job because of an injury. She misses her job sometimes. But in the battle between dreams; love won. 

The first time we have to face this problem is when we are graduating high school and are in a relationship with someone we really love. 
Do we go to the same college? 
Who's college do we choose? 
The one that is my dream or the one that is their dream? 

And then it happens again when we are graduating form college. 
If one is graduating before the other is the one who graduated supposed to stick around and wait?
What if one of us wants to go to grad school?
What if the job that I want is in a different place from the job that they want? 

And how do the people who have told us to "always follow our dreams" react to our new found dream dilemma? 

"Yes, however, not following 'your dreams' can bring regret and blame later. She is so young... If they are meant to be together, then they will, later."

But what if they are meant to be together now. When you are apart there is nothing stopping them from falling in love with someone else. And also things happen when you are growing sperately as people. When you grow together, you have an influence on how they are growing. You get to talk about dilemmas and things you see that they might need to work on. And if you go apart and think in 4 year you will be back together, theres going to be so many things that have changed in both people. 

Maybe things will work out after the 4 years apart, but there will always be things that happened in the time apart that you might've wanted to experience with them. Things that you might not like but just learn to accept because you love them. And also there could be hurt from being lonely that goes away but hurt is nothing anyone wants even for a short period of time. 

"But I wasn't gonna change my life to stay with someone. Cause if someone asked me to do that obviously they don't love me."

Really? Do they really not love you because they want you to be together. I would be more upset if someone didn't even want to have a conversation about the possibility of it. 

Maybe you have always seen having your dream job in a certain state. And someone wants you to move to a state thats different from the one you have wanted all along. Well... Can you have your dream job in a different state? If yes then why not compromise. Can you go to a different college and get an education that would be just as good as the college you planned on going to? 

And most of the time when you are the one making the decision you can see that - you know you can do it somewhere else. But the way people react, to us making that decision, is so negative. They say it is unhealthy to feel that way. To be planning our lives around someone else. 

But we crave love. As humans its something that we have deep in our roots. 

And half of our parents got married when they were maybe 20 years old. 
And half of them are still happily married. 
Yet, they still tell us that they don't want us to be compromising on our dream. That they think we aren't making a good choice. 

Why isn't this new dream as important as our old dream. My parents want me to have kids one day. But if I also know that they would be upset if I compromised my dream so that I could be with someone else. 

And I am really frustrated with this. 
They preach to us that love conquers all. But they tell us that our dream of love isn't as important as the dream that we developed when we were 5. 

Any other things we come up with when we are 5 would now be deemed as silly. But the thing we call our dream is held as the most important thing we have ever come up with. 

This behavior is what breeds workaholics. We are told that the job we wanted our whole life is the most important thing to achieve, and love comes second. So we don't balance work and family. This effects other peoples lives. Our spouses, our children. If your spouse chose love over their dream job and you chose your dream job over love, then thats when you start having regret and blame. But this is only happening because everyone is telling us to choose love second. 

We wonder why our society has so many divorces. We have been raised in a way that breeds this doubt about love. That it won't last and it won't be the thing to give you happiness. And this is so dumb. Because there is nothing else that will bring you the kind of happiness that can be found in love. 

I believe in love with all my heart. I believe that love is the most important thing to have and that every person deserves to know how amazing love is. So I might be a little biased in this. But why cant people be ok with others planning their life around love. 

Obviously sometimes people will give up everything for someone else and THAT is unhealthy. But nobody sees the difference between compromise and complete loss of desire for anything else in life. It is all considered the same. It is all considered unhealthy. 
And obviously the choice to follow love might not always turn out to be what you wanted it to be. The love might not last. But at least you gave it a chance. 

You hear about the one that got away. And everyone knows when somebody has a person in their life who can be labeled as that. Chances are you're not going to ever get them back. But school is going to be there forever. You can always move to the state you wanted to live in all along. You can always go get the job you dreamed of years ago. But you might not always be able to find a love like the one you once knew. 

Remember to follow your dreams and to also follow your heart
- dyl

Friday, September 13, 2013

Myths About Suicide

Dr. Thomas Joiner is a psychologist at the University of Florida and he has studied suicide all of his professional career. The article is really informative and has really given me a new perspective. I highly encourage you read the whole thing 

He lost his father to suicide but instead of saying his father killed himself he says "this thing killed my father"

 "He did kill himself, and there's no denying that. People who kill themselves, though, are influenced in doing so by mental illnesses, and these illnesses themselves are widely misunderstood, subject to many myths. But make no mistake, they're forces of nature. They're grave. They're severe, just like heart disease, cancer and stroke."

For suicide to take place there are two things that need to develop within a person :
1. Death is inherently fearsome and daunting. Therefore, it requires a kind of fearlessness, a fearlessness specifically about physical pain, physical injury and death, in order to enact it

2. A mindset having to do with two ideas. One being that you are a burden to others and that you being around makes their lives less enjoyable. And the other is that you are hopelessly alienated. 

When you lose the fear of death and then develop the feeling of being a burden and being alienated, that is when the catastrophe occurs.

It is often said that suicide is selfish, but that is people trying to reason with the suicidal mind coming from a non-suicidal place. When you look at it from their point of view - that the people I care about will have better lives once I'm gone - then you can see that its not actually selfish at all. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

National Suicide Prevention Week 2013 - My Story

So today I'm going to share my story because its important for society to realize that its ok to have mental health problems, and its ok to talk about them. And that it is also more than ok to receive treatment when its needed.

If you've followed my blog, (or know about this part of my life) then you know that my freshman year of high school was really difficult for me. Well in 8th grade my parents took me to a psychiatrist and I was diagnosed with A.D.D but also they found that I had another problem. I had what is called Oppositional Defiant Disorder (O.D.D). It is kind of hard to wrap your mind around it unless you've really studied it or have experienced it. But basically you are stubborn but you don't have a choice in it. You HAVE to be stubborn. You HAVE to object to what authority figures tell you.

At first my mom thought it was just normal "teenager rebellion" behavior. But then it got really bad. And nobody else seemed to have as big of a problem with their kids as my family was having with me.
Every single day was a battle. Everyday we fought. And it was all because of me. But I wasn't aware of it.

So I would continue going to the psychiatrist and when I started having hardships in high school, I was then diagnosed with clinical depression. And I was really really depressed.

And for some reason when all my high school drama started, I began to to see that I was this difficult child. And I started to feel guilty for how I had been treating people. I still had some O.D.D - I couldn't control it, but I hated what I was doing to my family.

I have never once had thoughts of self harm, and I have never been suicidal. But I have had an overwhelming feeling that I was a burden to the people around me. That maybe my family would be better off if I wasn't around. I didn't want to make it so I wasn't around, but I did acknowledge that I was causing struggle within my family.

So with depression you aren't always depressed.  You can have phases. Sometimes, yes you will just be depressed for no reason. Other times, its just when sad things happen and you just get really really sad. Ive cried to the point that I threw up. I had days where I just couldn't stop crying. All I wanted to do was sit and cry and be sad about life.

Over time when you have depression you learn ways to help yourself out. It doesn't mean that you aren't as effected by the hard times that life brings, it just means you know how to get yourself out of you black hole of sadness.

Eventually I wasn't allowed to be in my room unless I was sleeping. My mom realized that I would go in my room and just cry. All day long. And when she figured that out my room became off limits. Because I needed someone to hold me accountable - someone to tell me to pull myself together and calm down. And left to my own devices, I would just dwell on things and become more and more depressed.

My O.D.D went away - it tends to do that as you grow up, and with some behavior therapy.

I took medicine for clinical depression up until my Junior year of high school, and then reduced the dose so now it is only treating anxiety. (Ive probably had anxiety since I was in elementary school, because I remember having times where I would be sick from worrying so much; but I only started getting it treated in high school.)

As of right now I am on a 30mg dosage. My junior year  in high school it was at 20mg. And when high school ended and I started college the dosage was at 40mg. All of those are considered anxiety dosages, when it goes up to 60mg that is considered a depression dose.

My freshman year of college was hard. And I probably did get depressed. But it wasn't clinical. I started having sessions with my psychiatrist more often, but I wasn't re-diagnosed because I had learned a lot through my past experience with it.

When I was most recently broken up with, I spent three days crying on the couch at my parents place. But that was it. Just 3 days. After that I forced myself to be bigger than the sadness. I knew life would go on, and that I was wasting away the precious time we are given to live our lives.

I know I was made to be happy. I am a very happy person when life is going right. But when it gets hard, I change. I am visible sad. And I know that it effects the people who care about me, so I have decided that I need to hold my self accountable so I don't make the people around me sad.

I am not ashamed or embarrassed by it. I am proud to be who I am and I am forever grateful for the treatment I have received and continue to receive.

Your Story is Important

This week is national suicide prevention week. To Write Love on Her Arms has made a schedule of what each day will be devoted to this week and today is "Your Story is Important"

Before I start this long post (which is 100% worth reading) I want you to know that if you would like to talk to me about this, I am here for you to talk to. My email is on the right hand side under my picture. And I will be here for you to talk to. I want to help in any way that I can.

Suicide used to be the leading cause of death among people ages 15-24 but now it has changed to the leading cause of death for people 15-49.

 “[Suicide] now takes more lives than war, murder, and natural disasters combined" (TWLOHA - Newsweek Covers Suicide).

Unfortunately the society we live in has come up with many lies about people who are effected by mental illness and people who are suicidal. This stigma keeps us from sharing our struggles and seeking treatment when we really need it.

   "Perhaps it is the lie that suicide only affects people who are “messed up,” the idea that depression only reaches those who are weak, or even the belief that if we share our struggles with someone, they will not understand or care.  We have to learn that issues like depression, addiction, and suicide are not partial to weak people, but are struggles any of us may walk through, simply because we are human 
   It is within our society and culture that the effects of stigma are felt. These effects range from the silence and shame surrounding mental health issues to the oppressive attitudes toward those struggling, even influencing the way treatment options such as therapy and medication are viewed. The powerful stigma attached to mental health communicates an illusion of separation between those who struggle and those who don't—a false dichotomy between the healthy and the sick." (TWLOHA- Challenging Stigma). 

This all needs to change. We need to learn to be accepting of people who have mental illness. We need to understand that it is very dangerous when people go without treatment for depression and other mental health problems. It is ok to talk about your problems. Its actually not ok when you don't talk about them.

There are a lot of excuses you can come up with as to why you don't want/shouldn't go to/don't need treatment
  •  Even if you cannot afford to go to a psychiatrist or counselor, there are other avenues. At my university they offer counseling to students, and your first session is free. And after that, if you cannot afford to pay the fee for additional counseling session, they can refer you to a counselor training program where you go and see a PhD student and you pay $20 one time and you can go to 1 session a week for an entire semester. Go to a church and ask to speak with a pastor. You don't have to "be a Christian" to go. They are they to help you. They might know someone in the church who can help you out free of charge. 
  • Your family doesn't "acknowledge mental health problems." Wanna know what I have to say about that? Who cares. You've acknowledged that something isn't right, and you need help. When peoples families don't acknowledge mental health problems (or the person thinks that their family doesn't acknowledge it/they don't care) things like school shootings happen. People are bullied and hurt and don't have anyone to confide in and then innocent people die. I'm not saying that happens in every situation, but it can happen and it will continue to happen as long as our society views depression and other things along the lines of that as taboo. 
  • You think you're problems aren't that bad and its dumb that you're sad because there are people who have it way worse than you. Its not about other people. Its about you. There is something in your brain that is off, and that is why you are depressed. Sometimes it has to do with your situation, but everyone who has depression has a chemical imbalance in their brain. You might not have anything really to complain about, yet still have depression. And guess what. Your depression is just as important as someone who has depression and is in an abusive relationship.
  •  You think that you will still be in a crappy situation even if you aren't depressed, and that will cause you to be depressed again. When you get treated for depression, you also get somebody to talk to. Someone to give you advise. When you aren't so down and out about life all the time, you can concentrate on ways to get out of your crappy situation, and go on enjoying life.
  • You think you don't deserve to be happy. And this one is the biggest lie of all. Everyone deserves happiness. Some people think they just weren't meant to be happy. When someone tells me that I laugh at them because they are so wrong. We are all made to be happy. We are all also given hardships, and depression might be one of yours. But we are given these hardships to help us grow, and so we can help others around us who are fighting the same fight. Happiness is easy to find when you want to find it. But when you are depressed, you don't want to leave your room, so you don't find anything to be happy about. Its insane how many things there are to smile about. If you cant think of anything go find a puppy and I'm sure you'll be able to find happiness there. 
  • You don't have time because you have more important things to deal with. No. Absolutely nothing is more important than this. School might be something you need to dedicate your time to so you can have a successful career in the future. Guess what. If your depression gets so bad that you are suicidal, and you end up killing yourself, then your future is gone. When you get treated for depression you are making the biggest investment in your future that you possibly can make. And school work gets easier after that. You aren't spending so much time thinking about how miserable you are, and it becomes so much easier to accomplish the things that are important to you. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Inspiration List - Impact Your World

So last night I made the mistake of going on Facebook before I went to bed. And of course my feed is full of pictures from your going away dinner last night. Which I actually didn't have any idea about until 7pm and I also didn't realize you were actually moving back East. Huge curve ball right in my face. Anyways the reason going on Facebook was a mistake is because I couldn't stop crying. Probably for a good hour. I was going to write this post then but I was really tired and thought this wouldn't help me falling asleep. 

Side note - this post doesn't follow the order I was going in but it needs to be shared now so I will resume with my regular order after this post. 

Last time our youth pastor left I was absolutely devastated. So devastated that I refused to meet our new one for a few months. I didn't want anyone to replace Jared and I didn't think anyone could live up to my expectations. (Jared if you're reading this don't worry there is going to be one about you soon!)

One night my parents decided to have our new youth pastor and his wife over for dinner, and that night I decided I wanted him to be my new best friend. 

This happened some time in the Summer of 2010. And little did I know at that time - he was going to become one of the most influential people in my life. 

Theres a statistic like 80% of all high school graduates that attend church stop attending church once they graduate. And if it wasn't for you I would be part of that 80%. 
I believe in God today because of what you have taught me. 

I don't know that I've ever been able to look at someone and say "you can see how much love they have for this," with just about everything they do. But with you its there. 100% - everything you do there is love pouring out of your heart and soul and it inspires me so much. Whenever you talk about your students I feel renewed in my love for helping them. I want to be  just like you in those moment - I want people to see how much love I radiate for the people around me. 

And how you are with Laura make my heart sing. You love her so much. And everyone knows it. The other day I got an email from you and one of the recipients was "Sweet Cheeks." It might be silly to some people but its just another example of you radiating love. One day I hope that I can be in a relationship where the love is that apparent. 

And to Laura - I have been so excited to start spending more time with you. I feel like I'm finally starting to get to know you better and I love the person that you are. I know it took some time for you to get used to being the pastors wife and having it be the super outgoing youth pastors wife probably didn't make it much easier. But I love watching you interact with your girls. You are such an amazing role model and they all have such an amazing time with you.  

I love that our youth group was called Impact. It fits you perfectly. You impacted us all so much. You told us to impact the world around us - to inspire people to be the best that they can be and to show love in everything they do. And now more than ever I can see how perfectly you lived that out. 

I have gone through many "life" moments that make you want to just give up on everything and stop having faith. But you have been there for me in all of those moments ready with the perfect advise to help me persevere and keep my chin up. 

My freshman year of college was so hard for me but coming to Impact on Sundays helped me remember how many people cared about me and how much love I was surrounded with. I was ready to give up on God, but you kept that from happening. 

I said it before in one of my posts. But I credit the church for who I am today. Without MMCC I wouldn't be someone that I'd want to be around. And right now, I can say I love who I am. And most of that is because of you. You have helped me learn to surround myself with people who are loving and inspirational. And these people are around because of you. You have so many leaders for your students and we all are there because we believe in you and your mission. You helped me become a leader and you've shown me that I too can impact the world around me by doing everything with love. 

At our most recent beach camp we talked about Mother Teresa's quote - doing small things with great love. And I believe with all my heart you did more than that. You did great things with great love. And because of that you have changed so many peoples lives. 

I told my girls at camp that they could be there during the leader meetings so they could hear you talk about your students. And how much love he has for each and every one of them. I think its incredible how much I can see love just pouring out of you when you talk about them. 

I think I could make this post go on forever. Thats how many things are going through my mind about how much you have done in my life. 

I was heart broken when our last youth pastor left. And I should've known that my heart would be broken this time as well. 

Ryan Chaisson 
This one is for you. 

Ive been blessed to have experienced so many things with you. From your first dinner at an Arizona family's house to you meeting your sponsor child. 

And besides you being this amazing loving person, you also happen to be one of the funniest people I know. 

When I first met you I didn't consider you an adult. Over the years you have grown so much and even though you will always be a kid at heart, I now can see that you in-fact are an adult (you're welcome you are now officially an adult in the eyes of a 20 year old - incase you weren't aware of the fact that you were in fact an adult.)

I know you already know this but just incase you have forgotten - God has huge plans for you. Even though you have already accomplished so much in your life, you have so many more incredible journeys ahead of you. I know you have had your fair share of curve balls thrown at you. And you have taken them with a smile on your face and faith in your heart and thrived in every way. 

Everything Jesus did was traced to the root of love and with all my heart I believe the same can be said for you. 

Ryan's first beach camp - Summer 2010

I pray that you never forget how wonderful you are. 
Regardless of circumstance - you are so loved 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Overnight is here!

Are any of you Parachute fans? I love love love Parachute. And their new album "Overnight" came out today.

Im listening to it on spotify right now and I will probably buy it once I get some money for my birthday (:

So far it sounds a bit more pop-y than usual. I'm not sure if its my favorite of theirs but I'm only on my second song of the album.

You should go check it out. And if you don't know who Parachute is heres a list of songs you should listen to by them:
Words Meet Heartbeats
White Dress
The Mess I Made
What I Know

Basically just go listen to all of their songs. They are amazing

Forever and always

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Inspiration List - Second two for one: since grade two

So I met one twin in second grade
I met the other twin in third grade.

Which is probably why my whole life I could tell them apart even just but talking to them on the phone. I don't think I ever mixed them up.

I wish I had pictures of this. I'm sure if could find them somewhere if i really searched. But we did "Young Olympians" together. Which was like a little cheerleading thing. We would go to a gym at some random school and I remember going in the bathroom and playing bloody murder with them.

We didn't necessarily have the same group of friends but we were almost always on the same softball team. And when you play softball on a school team you spend a lot of time with people.

I don't think I ever really had a fight with either of them. I mean sometimes softball would cause some drama but it would blow over so quickly.

Freshman year they were kinda in my group. Not the girls who were mean but sometimes we hung out with them. And even though they were friends with the other girls too, they stuck by my side.

I think they were the people I could always be 100% truthful with about how I felt about things and not have to worry about them judging me. There are so many times where I would just sit and vent about life with them (reoccurring theme? I think yes.)

I really don't know where we went our separate ways but for some reason we did. But that doesn't change the fact that I love both of them with all my heart.

The more I think about my memories with them the more I realize how much they actually did effect my life. And now I miss you girls a lot.

Freshman year of high school 

Gianna and Nicole
Thank you so much for sticking by my side for so long.

Its so unlikely for people who get along when they are 6 or 7 to still get along when they are in high school. And for some reason I was lucky enough to have you guys there with me the whole way.

I hope college has been an amazing experience for you so far. I would love to see you girls soon, because you are amazing

So much love,

Monday, August 5, 2013

I give you some pooh

When I was around 5 my sister passed out for a long time one day and we had to have the fire department come. I thought passing out was the same thing as passing away so when it happened I went to my room and grabbed these books to give to her cause they were my favorite books.

Found these today at a thrift shop and reminded me of that little experience.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ive been so busy


guys I have been neglecting you and I am terribly sorry about that. I just moved into a new apartment and with that I need to find a job closer to where I'm living cause I don't have a backyard for my dog anymore so I need to be home more to let her out.

So I have been doing that and I have been knocking things off of a super long to do list and that has left me without new blog posts.

I am going to be picking up my game again soon I promise.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Honey I'm Home

Hey guys. I just got my computer back from getting serviced. I took it in before I went out of town and had to wait till today to get it back.

Most people usually say something along the lines of "I'm so happy to be home" but really I'd much rather still be in the Dominican. Hopefully the pictures will be sent to me soon so I can share them with you guys (someone put all the pictures onto a terabyte and it ended up being around 8000 photos!!!)

My camera is broken which makes it really hard to show you guys all the wonderful thing I'd like to share with you but my birthday is coming up and hopefully a camera will be received by me.

My dog bullseye went to California for a month and stayed with my grandma. She went cause I was going to be out of town a lot and we needed someone to watch her. She is finally back and she is moved into my new apartment. I think she's a little confused about being in a new place, but I'm glad she is back.

My sister was also in California for a month doing an internship for my aunt who happens to be an editor for movies! So she had a great experience while she was there and I missed her face so so so much.

I missed y'all too.

Hope you've been having a wonderful time


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MK Glam! The Mary Kay Look

Have you guys heard of influenster? I hadn't heard of it until I started my blog and I thought I'd give it a try. And within a week of joining I got sent an email saying I was going to receive a "VoxBox" - thats what they call their trial boxes - from Mary Kay.

It came with:
lilac cream eyeshadow
cream eyeshadow brush
lash primer
and hot pink lipstick

In the past when I've used cream eyeshadow I hadn't really been a fan of it. It always seems to come off in the creases of your eyes and makes your makeup look all funky. And I usually stay away from purple colors. BUT. This eyeshadow stayed on all day. And the purple looked really good with my green eyes! I just wish I had another color I could blend with it cause I like to have multiple tones on my eye. The brush it came with was so soft and silky. I'm so glad they gave me a brush cause I wouldn't have wanted to get the cream on my other eyeshadow brush.

Ive never used lash primer before. I'm assuming its just like a clear mascara. On the website it says that its supposed to help your mascara stay on longer. The mascara seemed to have stayed on all day so I guess it did its job :p

I loved the case that the lipstick is in. I don't know how to explain it but its really cool. The pink wasn't too overwhelming which was nice. It actually matched the color of my blush really nicely. 

Ps. If anyone wants an invitation just let me know and I will totally send you one (:

Monday, July 15, 2013


Hi guys. Sorry I have been really lazy about posting lately. I feel like I just got back from Beach Camp and I'm going to be leaving for the Dominican on Saturday at 5:45am. 

I had such a great time. I got to bond so much with so many new people. So much love grows in the short time we get to spend together. 

All three of the interns are absolutely amazing. I got to see how they love and lead and really just enjoy life. They are all really silly and I love silly. Silly is one of my fortes. Nate (the one to my right in the second big picture below these words… he is going to the Dominican as well so I'm excited to share that experience with him.)
This was their first time to the Pacific Ocean!!!
Buck Buck on the beach. We had everyone on the boardwalk watching us (: I'm the one in the front of the girls line!

This is where we get to worship. The most beautiful worship I think I will ever experience. 

Dance party on the 4th of July. My friend Nick on the top right and my girl Madi on bottom left. Hardcore photo bomb by Adam on the borrow right!!! 

The J-pod. All the girls I was with/leading for the week
Olivia! The top one in the middle is when I first met her in 2010 and the rest are from this past trip to beach camp!!!

The whole group

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Discoveries Decisions Disappointment

Thrive is a place that makes acai bowls and I had never had one before but it was so good! If you have a place that makes them near you I highly recommend you go try them!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

First ever guest post!!!

Hey there lovelies! I'm Nicole the girl behind the screen over at The Love Crush, and I'm lucky enough to be guest blogging over here on Dylan's blog today. I'm a nineteen year old soon to be (end of july soon) interior design student, that lives and breathes the country air and is maybe a little too addicted to good music and shopping ♡ Today I'm going to be blogging about my favourite summer music.

Since it's already been summer here in New Zealand, I'm going to point out a few hits that were big during our summer here 'down under.' Personally I think us kiwi's have some great homegrown music, especially during summer! So these are a few of my favourite picks that are perfect to have playing with the windows down on the way to the beach,  on a road trip or even when relaxing by the pool.


I don't know how to describe / sell / make you want to listen to this music, and the only way I can think of ending this post is to tell you to have a little listen yourself and see what you make of it. Let me know in the comments if you like this kind of music and maybe even leave a little recommendation of your favourite not so mainstream artists / songs. Actually I'd really love it if you did that haha :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Inspiration List - Ya'll know who you are

This one may or may not be nice. But the reason I started this list is to thank everyone who has influenced my life and helped me become who I am today. Not to make a list of all the people who have ever been nice to me.

Will most of the inspiration list be of people who were nice to me? Yes. But there will be a few about people who might've treated me like poop.

So for some reason I was always the girl who had a boyfriend. Started in like 7th grade. I guess I wasn't getting the kind of attention or care from my friends that I wanted and tried filling the void with boyfriends?

Anyways. Freshman year of high school I got broken up with basically monthly. Had a new boyfriend with in a few weeks. And it was just one big whirlwind of heartbreak for me.

I threw up from crying so hard after one guy broke up with me.
I cried about 5 days a week for three months with one guy. I was infatuated with him so I put up with it.

Nobody treated me right but I didn't care because I wanted the feeling that comes with someone choosing you out of everyone else to be theirs. I wanted to know I was good enough. I wanted to feel important… This was all going on during the time when my friends stopped wanting to be my friends. And this was also before I had a good relationship with my family.

So thank you.
To all the boys who pooped on my face and made me cry for days.

Because you made me realize that I really didn't want to be crying all the time.
And that I am not defined by having a boyfriend. I don't have to have a boyfriend to be happy - especially when actually having a boyfriend was making me super unhappy.
I started to understand the idea having someone be your best friend before dating them.

If it wasn't for all you jerks I wouldn't be who I am today.
So thanks again. I couldn't have done it with out you

Everything happens for a reason
- dyl

Ps - If you are a jerk who poops on girls faces i do not recommend you continue doing this so you can help a girl to see that she deserves better. Just be what she deserves and you'll be golden.

Where I work Wednesday

Hiiii. Isn't she cute! This is Coco, she is a Rhodesian Ridgeback . She is a baby still. The picture on the left is from when she first came into work in November and the one on the right is her now. 

I think she looks like she could be part of Santa's sleigh pulling team :p

I am so in love with how she looks. She makes the cutest faces that make me want to steal her and take her home. She looks a lot like the dog I had when I was little and I think thats why I love her. 

Her mom (human) is pregnant and all of the girls I work with (and me) are so excited cause Coco is going to get to be a puppy mom and have a little baby to look after. Its going to be precious. She is so sweet already and I think she is going to be super cute laying next to the little baby!

I'm off to work now

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weak in the knees

I say skip dinner and go straight for this dessert!

Ok. Well. Just. Its Johnny Depp. Like he is perfect. He is 50 and I honest to God believe he is the most attractive man on the planet. 

Matthew Gray Gubler 
Look how stinkin cute that awkward smile is. Gahhhhh! I think I actually have a real crush on him. Not just think he's attractive. I like how nerdy he is. And he seems super approachable and real and he wears cute clothes. Also somewhere on the internet there is a picture of him (kinda similar to the last one on the strip of pictures) where he looks like Johnny Depp x1000 and that also makes me like him more :D

Samuel Larsen 
I can't. I cannot. I looked at pictures of him for like an hour while I was making this post. His eyes were looking at me. Do you see those eyes?!? And they basically are saying "Dylan, I love you" and omg I believe it. Tell me I'm not crazy -- I don't think I'm the only one who sees it but gosh he is staring into my soul, and winning over my heart. Haha. 


Well cross my t's and dot my i's he is just perfect. He is just the right amount of hippy. 
I could marry him.

Five among friends

I have been a bad friend ): I slacked on posting these so here is week 2 and 3's posts 

Week 2 - These questions are brought to you by  Crafty Spices  

1. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

My favorite thing about blogging is that in the future I will be able to look back and see the things I liked and what I did with my friends and stuff (:

2. What do you dislike about blogging
I hate hate hate how much photo editing and stuff you have to do. Like you can't just upload the pictures and be done. There is so much more that has to be done. 

3. What is you favorite thing to do with your little one(s)? 

I no has kiddos. But let's pretend my dogs count. I would say playing with them. Especially my oldest dog it's so cute when she decides to play4. If you could move anywhere in the world (Money not being a question) where would it be, and why?

I really don't know. I haven't traveled enough to know where I would want to move. I would however, like to live in a jungle. That would be nice. 

5. What is the most embarrassing thing one of your kids has done in public

Still don't have kids…

Week 3 - Brought to you by Dawn's Disaster 

1.  Who is the person that made you do the dumbest thing?  What was it?

I really don't know. I mean we have obviously all done dumb things but I can't think of one that sticks out. 
I'd probably say Halloween my freshman year of college. I drank way too much and threw up all night (even in my sleep). It was a horrible horrible experience but I learned alot from it. And I'm the one who did it to myself. Nobody else 

2.  What was the FIRST job you ever had?

I worked at Toys"R"us. My first day of the job was on Black Friday and I received zero training. I only worked there for one month. They were really not nice to me and it wasn't a great experience :/ 

3.  When do you relax and how do you do it?

I would say I relax a lot. At least in the summer. During the school year - not so much. When I really need to relax I do yoga. It is the only thing that actually works every time! I also like to bake and read to relax. 

4.  Where was your most memorable date?  Who was it with?

Hmmm. Tough question. Probably Cotillion. It was amazing and it was with Tyler Schafer. I was wearing a wedding dress and my family was there and I felt like a princess. The only thing I wish was different about that night is that I wish the photographs turned out better ): I don't like how I look in any of them

5.  Why do you blog?

I blog because I want to make an impact on someones life. The world we live in gives us so many opportunities to connect with hundreds of thousands of people we would never get to connect with otherwise. So I am taking advantage of that. And also I want to be able to look back on my life and see the things that I was interested in.