Monday, July 15, 2013


Hi guys. Sorry I have been really lazy about posting lately. I feel like I just got back from Beach Camp and I'm going to be leaving for the Dominican on Saturday at 5:45am. 

I had such a great time. I got to bond so much with so many new people. So much love grows in the short time we get to spend together. 

All three of the interns are absolutely amazing. I got to see how they love and lead and really just enjoy life. They are all really silly and I love silly. Silly is one of my fortes. Nate (the one to my right in the second big picture below these words… he is going to the Dominican as well so I'm excited to share that experience with him.)
This was their first time to the Pacific Ocean!!!
Buck Buck on the beach. We had everyone on the boardwalk watching us (: I'm the one in the front of the girls line!

This is where we get to worship. The most beautiful worship I think I will ever experience. 

Dance party on the 4th of July. My friend Nick on the top right and my girl Madi on bottom left. Hardcore photo bomb by Adam on the borrow right!!! 

The J-pod. All the girls I was with/leading for the week
Olivia! The top one in the middle is when I first met her in 2010 and the rest are from this past trip to beach camp!!!

The whole group

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  1. I love seeing people enjoying the beach. Living in San Diego, we totally take it for granted..... looks like you had a great time!

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award....