Monday, July 29, 2013

Honey I'm Home

Hey guys. I just got my computer back from getting serviced. I took it in before I went out of town and had to wait till today to get it back.

Most people usually say something along the lines of "I'm so happy to be home" but really I'd much rather still be in the Dominican. Hopefully the pictures will be sent to me soon so I can share them with you guys (someone put all the pictures onto a terabyte and it ended up being around 8000 photos!!!)

My camera is broken which makes it really hard to show you guys all the wonderful thing I'd like to share with you but my birthday is coming up and hopefully a camera will be received by me.

My dog bullseye went to California for a month and stayed with my grandma. She went cause I was going to be out of town a lot and we needed someone to watch her. She is finally back and she is moved into my new apartment. I think she's a little confused about being in a new place, but I'm glad she is back.

My sister was also in California for a month doing an internship for my aunt who happens to be an editor for movies! So she had a great experience while she was there and I missed her face so so so much.

I missed y'all too.

Hope you've been having a wonderful time


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