Thursday, July 11, 2013

First ever guest post!!!

Hey there lovelies! I'm Nicole the girl behind the screen over at The Love Crush, and I'm lucky enough to be guest blogging over here on Dylan's blog today. I'm a nineteen year old soon to be (end of july soon) interior design student, that lives and breathes the country air and is maybe a little too addicted to good music and shopping ♡ Today I'm going to be blogging about my favourite summer music.

Since it's already been summer here in New Zealand, I'm going to point out a few hits that were big during our summer here 'down under.' Personally I think us kiwi's have some great homegrown music, especially during summer! So these are a few of my favourite picks that are perfect to have playing with the windows down on the way to the beach,  on a road trip or even when relaxing by the pool.


I don't know how to describe / sell / make you want to listen to this music, and the only way I can think of ending this post is to tell you to have a little listen yourself and see what you make of it. Let me know in the comments if you like this kind of music and maybe even leave a little recommendation of your favourite not so mainstream artists / songs. Actually I'd really love it if you did that haha :)

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