Saturday, June 29, 2013

Modcloth Wishlist

Why do I have to love clothes so much. It kinda makes me sad sometimes. 

Bye Bye Google Friend Connect

click the pic!

Google will no longer be hosting Google Friend Connect. So for all my followers that follow me through that source, you need to switch over if you want to still be reading my blog. (Which you obviously want to do). So head on over to blog lovin and follow me there

Friday, June 28, 2013

Make your own ringtone!

Heres a little tutorial on how to make your own ringtone, so you don't have to buy them through iTunes (if you have an iPhone). This is going to be a ringtone for when my sister calls (:

Step 9 pictures
When you change it a box will pop up - click use m4r

If you have any questions feel free to ask me! 

Hope you enjoy your new free ringtones

sing your song

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Things that need appreciating

So I was thinking about all the things that have been annoying me lately. And the things I really don't appreciate. And that got me thinking. I should really try to appreciate little things more when they are working properly and forget about being me just being mad at them when they aren't working properly.  

So heres just a few things that I decided don't get appreciated enough.

Seals on fridges/freezers that keep the door shut - this is what got me thinking about this. I  am so mad at our fridge. Its one of those stacked ones so its the fridge on top and freezer on bottom. And every time you open and then close the fridge door the freezer door opens a little bit and then 30 seconds later you hear the door beep at you cause its been open for too long. But you can't remember to shut the freezer every time you open the fridge! I am so over walking back to the kitchen when I'm in my room just to shut a door that I didn't even open!!!
But I'm not mad at it. I just appreciate a door that works properly...

Sleep timers on televisions
The little plastic things on the ends of bobby pins
Having something to rest your arm on while you are driving 
The little glue thing that keeps hair ties together
Spoons that don't have a owies on them from getting stuck in the garbage disposal while its on.
Doors that don't bounce open when you shut them. 
Clocks that aren't 10 minutes fast because they go a minute faster about every month 
Dogs that don't growl at you when you try to cuddle with them
Leg hairs that aren't ingrown hairs 
Mailmans that pick up your mail from your mail box when you put the red flag up 
Fruits that don't go bad before you eat them

Thats all for now. 

But I think we should all try harder to appreciate little things instead of being flustered at little things
I think the world would be a much happier place if we did so. 

Where I Work Wednesday!

This is Roo. I call him Roo Roo. He is my best friend at work. He isn't my all time favorite little dog at work (you will meet her later). But Roo is there everyday. Maybe if he wasn't there all the time he'd be my favorite cause I'd miss him more. But anyways.

 I actually did not like Roo one bit when I first started working there. I felt really bad for his sister for having to live Roo cause she was so sweet and he was such a brat. But my manager at the time I got hired told me to pay more attention to the dogs you don't like then the dogs you do like. Mainly because there was probably a reason you didn't like the dog i.e the barked too much and you couldn't get them to stop (that's what Roo did). 
So I payed attention to him. An figured out how to get him to stop barking. And once I did that I realized that he had a lot of cute characteristics (: 

And I also realized his sister is the real brat. She just wears a "I'm totally cute and innocent" facade. 

Roo likes when I blow in his face. He rubs his face up against my leg and rolls onto his back and it's so adorable. 

So that's my bestie. He's a little stink but he's my stink. 


Saturday, June 22, 2013


I have been saving up songs for a while to start making these playlists. I think its important to listen to songs that are uplifting especially when you are feeling down.

If you have a breakup its really easy to just go and listen to sad songs. Which will inevitably make you more sad. And nobody wants you to be sad. Pinky promise.

I listen to a radio station called Air1 and its mainly a Christian radio station but the whole point of the radio station is to have encouraging songs. There have been many times I have been feeling down and a song on that station came on that made me feel like "Hey, you've got this girl. Everythings going to be fine." 

Anyways the radio station plays this little section where the bands explain their songs and the lead singer of Building 429 explained - The first time "We Won't Be Shaken" was preformed was for the town of Newton, Connecticut after the Sandy Brook Elementary School shooting. He said that the whole crowd started singing out we won't be shaken.

Just imaging that gives me the chills - it would be so empowering to be standing in a crowd that is devastated but them all coming together proclaiming that they will get through these hard time.

Sooner Or Later

On Your Own

Darlin Do Not Fear

Shake It Out

Oh how I love this song. There is so much meaning jam packed into it. And I think its really helpful for anyone who is going through any kind of struggle. Mistakes are made and thats life. It happens. We need to move on. Maybe you weren't the person you wanted to be but guess what. You can start today being the person you want to be. Nobody else can do it for you. You are the one who has to change your life. You have to be ready for what life has to bring. And you have to stand tall and fight through all your struggles. Thats how you find the beauty in life. Cut out what doesn't help you be the best person you can be. Don't be afraid of being alone for a bit. Its going to be for the best. You can have an amazing life if you are ready for the journey.

Bigger Than Love

I also love this song a lot a lot. It was my favorite song for a long time. It helped me get through a my rough freshman/sophomore year of high school. Just go look up the lyrics because really almost every single word has a purpose in the song. Its powerful. And so is love!

Written At A Rest Stop

Ok so this pictures isn't from this song but it goes along with the theme of this playlist and I couldn't find a picture for this song. I have told myself that I wouldn't be able to love anyone again after a breakup. But I was wrong. And guess what. If you are thinking that… you are wrong too. We are creatures of habit. We are made to love and be loved. And you are always loved and hopefully always believe in love.

And Run

I am going to be having some guest posts in the future with playlists that other girlys have made. So be looking out for those. 
I hope you enjoy these songs

you are loved

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Liebster Award

I have seen this award around on a few peoples blogs and yay me! I got nominated for it. 

I was nominated by this lovely lady Niquelle over at paper plane!

These are the rules!

1. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator & list 11 random facts about yourself

2. Nominate 11 new bloggers (nominees should be other blogs ~200 followers ((I used Bloglovin' for stats)) who you feel deserve to be noticed), create 11 questions for your nominees, and link them in your post

3. Let them know you've nominated them for the award

4. Copy and Paste the award on your blog! You can find the award here

I found it really hard to find the 11 blogs to choose. So if you feel like 11 is to much these are my amended rules - you must nominate at least 6 blogs for the award. 11 is the goal but if you cant find 11 then thats no biggie (:

Part two of my amended rules - everyone I nominated - I would like you to follow all the other nominees. It'll be 10 new followers for all of you - unless of course you are already friends then in that case, I'm glad we have similar amazing taste in blogs to follow.

Here are the 11 nominees!
1. Sing Out Your Song 
2. The Love Crush 
3. The Little Knapsack 
4. guurrrl
5. some girl - a diary 
6. A Rambling Fancy
7. Little Laurens Blog
8. Rachel is Elsewhere
9. Sleepy Single Girl
10. Love Always, Freckles
11. Secret Obsession

And with that, here are somethings I get to share with you!

The 11 questions she gave me!
1. On average, how long does it take you to write a blog post?
At least 30 minutes 
2. What is your favorite charity and why?
To Write Love on Her Arms. They are doing amazing things by bringing more awareness to depression and feeling unimportant. They want everyone to know that they matter and that they are an important part of the world. They make it known that its ok to be in treatment for  being depressed or just needing someone to talk to. They are bringing back hope to the hopeless and its a really beautiful thing. 
3. What's one of your favorite books?
This is a mean question lol. I feel like once I have read a book, that I am emotionally attached to it afterwards. I love most books that I read. I really liked Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (its infinitely better than the movie) and I super love Peter Pan.
4. What is one of your happiest memories? 
The Dominican (:
 5. If you could move to a different country which would you choose?
Uhmmmmm. Anywhere with lots of tropical fruit and exotic animals.
6. Why do you blog? 
To give me something to do with my time over the summer, so I can remember things that I've done, and so I can perhaps inspire some people along the way. 
7. Tea or Coffee? 
I do not drink coffee what so ever. So tea is my answer but I don't like all tea. Its pretty bland. 
8. If you could have any career what would it be? 
Live in the jungle on a wildlife orphanage. 
9. What's your favorite store to shop in?
Well. Urban, but I mostly thrift my clothes or get them online. 
10. What's one of your guilty pleasures?
Picking the grey hairs out of my parents heads. 
11. Where is your favorite place to hang out in your town/city?
Well when we can actually go outside, I'd say Tempe Town Lake. 

11 random facts about me!
1. I have a 3rd degree burn (or well now its just a scar)
2. I have an invisible birth mark. Yes. Its a real thing
3. I'm left handed but play most sports right handed
4. I love boys in beanies
5. I wasn't allowed to have chocolate till I was 12 ): Its so depressing I know
6. My middle name is Jane
7. I am in love with Johnny Depp
8. I am a huge spicy food wimp
9. I squawk like a dying chicken when I get too cold
10. My first car was a 1963 Chevy c-10 -- it was my dream car but it got horrible mpg and it was too expensive for me
11.  I dont brush my hair. Like ever

Your 11 questions!
1. What are you currently reading/the last book you read?
2. Who is your celeb girl crush?
3. Is an animal cracker a cookie or a cracker?
4. Do you have a list of names you want to name your future children? If yes name one boy and one girl (:
5. What is your favorite Pixar movie?
6. Something you have already crossed off your bucket list.
7. What is your worst habbit
8. Where did you get your blog layout?
9. Whats the worst job you've ever had?
10. How many pillows do you sleep with?
11.What is a beauty trend you want to try but haven't gotten around to yet?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Where I Work Wednesday!

I made up a new thing for Wednesday posts! I'm going to post pictures from work.

I am always taking new pictures at work. Mainly cause there is so much cuteness to be captured.

Where do I work you ask?

I work at a doggie daycare!!!

So on Wednesdays I'm going to introduce you to some of my friends (:
My camera roll on my phone has almost 1100 pictures on it and I would say there is a 3:1 ratio of pictures of dogs to pictures of other things. You could call that excessive if you'd like but I call it happiness!

So heres to a new Wednesday trend and with that I would like to introduce you to some friends. 

(From left to right) 
Row 1. Sparkle aka Sparky / Trooper / Brady 
Row 2. Frankles / Murphy / Striker
Row 3. Dash / Knucksie / George

I am one of the only ones that likes Sparky. She is kinda weird, but I think thats why I like her. She doesn't like to be pet unless she is ready for you to pet her. If you go up to her and touch her before she is ready, she will pee everywhere. 
Sometimes when she is boarding she won't come out of her suite to go to outside to go potty and it can be kinda a problem cause we need to get her out but if we try to touch her she will pee all over her bed and its hectic. But I like her for some reason. She paws at you when she wants you to pet her and its cute (:

Trooper is insane. But we all love him an awful lot. His mom is very into fitness, so she takes him on a run everyday and the run is at least 5 miles long (sometimes up to 10 miles long). And if he doesn't get his run in then he is crazy. His energy level will be through the roof and way too much for all the dogs in the play group to deal with. Which will cause the dogs to start getting angry with each other. But when he isn't going crazy he is a huge cuddle bug. He comes and climbs on you even if its not really a reasonable position for you. Like you could just be bending down to pick something up and boom! Trooper is in your lap. And you cant go anywhere. But we don't want to go anywhere once hes in our laps so its not a problem.

Frankles is always smiling. Its the cutest thing ever. Every picture I've ever seen of him he has been smiling. It makes me so happy!

Knucksie is at work with us every day. He loves coming to play but he also loves getting picked up. When pull up throughout the day he goes to look out the window. If there is a black car or a woman with blonde hair he thinks its his mom coming to pick him up. He will sprint to the gate and jump up and bark until we get his leash on. We will take him out to his mom but really he's taking us out. Ive almost fallen flat on my face multiple times. I think its actually going to happen soon. But anyways he runs and jumps on her and then grabs the end of his leash (like hes walking himself) and runs out to the car. Hes such a cutie. He also knows how to give hugs if you hold your arms out and say give me a hug he hugs you (: (:

dream - a person or thing perceived as wonderful or perfect

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yoga clothes!

I have been having a minor obsession with yoga lately. And I have been wanting to get a bunch of cute yoga clothes. So I decided to search etsy and of course there are some amazingly cute outfits to be found on there. Etsy will be the death of me. 

But I thought why buy Lululemon when you can buy unique stuff that is handmade and is helping out small businesses? 

Cause who wants to look like everyone else? Not I.
Hope you enjoy the little collection I have made (:

Earthy tones 
All three of these are eco-friendly (:

The blue leggings are glow in the dark!

Black and grays 
I'm kinda obsessed with every single one of the items in the black and grays collage

The light in me honors the light in you

Friday, June 14, 2013

Five Among Friends

One of my sponsors decided to do this little thing called Five Among Friends. And she gave us (all the people linked at the bottom of this post) 5 questions to answer. 

Feel free to answer these questions on your blog as well - if you do I'd love to see so put the link to your post in my comments!

1.  What is the most embarrassing song on your iPod/mp3 player?

You may or may not believe me but me and my sister used to share an iTunes, and when I got my own laptop I just transferred all the music over. I usually delete the embarrassing songs when I find them, but I find new ones all the time. But the most recent I found was Sneakernight by Vanessa Hudgens 

2.  When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?

Haha. It was last night actually. I went and saw The Purge and the girl in front of me got super super scared. It was silly of her to be so surprised at this part. It was something that was happening in a sequence of events and the first thing happened and once that happens the second will inevitably happen. For example. You unlock the front door, it is expected that the next thing to happen would be that you open the front door. It was one of those kind of things. But anyways she jumped in her seat. And I had my legs up on my seat tucked into me (I cant sit with my feet down at the movies and since she was in the seat in front of me I couldn't have them on her chair). And she jumped so hard? Far? She jumped in a very jumpy manner - and she hit me with her chair. Haha she was so scared and it wasn't even scary. I lost it. It was so funny. And yeah I was crying (:

3.  What is your perfect Sunday afternoon?

Church. Doing some kind of super fancy craft (that turns out to my liking) and if possible Lucy (my baby cousin who lives in California) would be there and we would just hangout all day 

4.  You just won the bazillion dollar jackpot!  What's the first thing you run out to buy?

Uhmm uhm. A vineyard. Near a beach. With the prettiest house in the whole world. Equipped with a tree house that one could live in.

5.  What is the craziest thing on your bucket list?

I don't know that I really have crazy things on my bucket list. I want to do some kind of giant street art/ guerrilla art thing which could be considered crazy to some. My initial thought however when I read this question is have children. Haha. Cause God knows thats going to be crazy.

The Closet Intellectual Crafty Spices Dawn's Disaster Dream Brite Everyday Bloom Pirouette Lady Lund Whack Obsession Squish Closet Image Map

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Inspiration List - Crazy little lady

In my last inspiration list post I talked about my P.E class and the drama that was involved with it.

I became a little tainted after my friends pooped on my and stopped being nice. It made it hard for me to trust girls in the years to follow and I still have some difficulties with it presently. But luckily I wasn't scared of making new girl friends yet during this time in P.E

This girl is probably one of the silliest people I have ever met in my life. She is always laughing and going around with her friends making fools of themselves. But when I say that I mean it as a compliment. She is always loving life and being EXACTLY who she wants to be. She never holds back because thats what "society" says to do.

And I was lucky enough to be put in a P.E class with her.

The friends I had were very extremely grossly judgmental people. So I was used to acting a certain way so that I would fit into their mold of acceptable. I thought for the longest time (even after I stopped being friends with them) that if they were (negatively) judging people who were a certain way, then other people would be judging those people too. So I was afraid for so long to be myself.

(Side note: I try my hardest not to be judgmental of people. When someone I'm with says something about some random person they don't know, I will stand up for that person. Who cares what they are doing - unless of course its causing harm to someone else - its their life, you don't know them, it shouldn't be something that you waste your time on. Let people do what makes them happy.)

But my new found friend in P.E she began the transformation in me. She showed me how to be yourself and that when you are yourself, your life will be much more enjoyable.

She put absolutely no thought into what people were thinking about her when she was having fun with her friends. She had no reason to. She was living in the moment and loving life. And THAT is beautiful.

Slowly throughout the year I started being sillier and stopped caring so much about what the other people were thinking about me.

Megan Opatz. 
You beautiful soul you. 

Thank you so much for being a part of my life. I literally don't know how I could've gotten through high school if I kept holding back who I was just because I cared too much about what other people thought.

I am 100% myself now. I love who I am. And if someone doesn't like that I'm a little too silly or act like a loser, then they aren't worthy of being in my presence and they can just leave. I'm the me-est me that I can be and that is all thanks to you Megs.

I hope you are having a wonderful time in college and I hope you know I will love you forever.

Never stop being you

Happy Birthday Haily!

Today is my little sisters 17th birthday. Her name is Haily and she is the love of my life. 
She didn't stay little for long - she is like 4 inches taller than me ): sad face.
I call her fist or fister (I used to call her sister face and then switched the first letter of both of the words and made it fister sace - then just made it fister.) Before that I called her twirl or twirly. She basically responds to whatever I decide she needs to respond to. 

11 for June 11th - Things I love about my sister/make her cooler than me 
1. I like that she has awesome red hair
2. She got a tattoo when she was 16
3. She has like a million ear piercings 
4. She is taking three art classes next year
5. She wants to be me so she copied loving Donnie Darko
6. She's super 90s
7. She is the only person who can successfully translate my weird made up words into human words. 
8. She can get super tan (I cannot)
9. She makes super amazing pies 
10. She cant clap to a beat 
11. She has a bazillion varsity letters 


I promise you will have a good day if you...

Monday, June 10, 2013

Kimono Love

I love kimonos. They are so so so beautiful. And they are light enough that you can wear them in Arizona in the Fall. 

This is my "If I had unlimited funds for money I would buy these beauts list."  


Sunday, June 9, 2013

I can't help myself.

So yesterday I found this new website. Its called TOBI and oh my goodness. Their clothes are really really cute. And you get 50% off your first purchase if you use the link above! 50% off everything is like a really really amazing deal. I'd compare their style with nasty gal's clothes.

All their new arrivals are 30% off and they add new clothes daily. I wish I hadn't found this website cause I kinda am in love.

Black Lace Bodycon Dress   Cut Out Crop Top   Slit Maxi Skirt   Long Horn Tank  Neon Scuba Skirt  Purple Lace Dress

I chose the lace dress in purple because I have this problem called "all my clothes are black." I love black clothes. And in Arizona when it gets hot and you sweat the second you walk out the front door, you gotta wear clothes that you cant tell that you are sweating in aka black clothes

And zero bras were worn. Haha all of them are braless outfits. Don't have many backless things so this should be a exhilarating experience.

It was all $107 and I usually never buy that much at once, but I felt like these clothes are really versatile and will hold me over for a while. ANNNND thats like a really good price for all those pieces.
I can't wait for them to arrive so I can get all fancy and stuff.

Current Obsessions

Top left - Fringe

Bottom left - Fruttare bars
If you haven't tried them you need to. The mango one is amazing and I really like the peaches and cream one. But I vote you try mango first.

Right - Mara Dyer trilogy
I've only read the first two books so far but both of them have been really great. They are super suspenseful and can be a little bit scary at times. But recently I have liked my books a little scary. It involves supernatural stuff and a psychiatric institute and animals and a British boy (:

But really mainly just Fringe. I spend all my time watching it. Its phenomenal. I don't know why I like it so much, but I feel like my past obsession with Donnie Darko is some how tied into it. Both have time travel. And they do weird science things in both - kinda.

Thank Jesus I didn't watch this show while it was on air. I wouldn't have been able to handle the commercials, or the waiting between episodes. And don't even get me started about waiting for a new season.

So basically this is going to turn into a Fringe appreciation post. And I'm not sorry

This is Walter Bishop. He is a scientist that is also partly crazy (they have to break him out of a mental institution).He is like a crazy old grandpa and its awesome. He says the funniest things and in the first episode when he said he wet him self - but it was just a squirt... thats when I knew I was going to love the show

This is Peter Bishop, he is Walters son. Kind of. He is really smart but also kind of a bad boy. He is the source of all the worlds problems (literally). And he may or may not be real. He never gets deja vu - which is actually an important little tidbit about him.

Him and Olivia have a thing and we want them to be together like ├╝ber badly. 

This is Olivia Dunham, she is the main character in the show; she is an FBI agent. She has to get Walter out of the mental hospital so she gets Peter to help her. She was in some kind of experimental trial with Walter when she was a child and it gives her special - brian powers - I guess you could call it. 

see see! super cute

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Father's Day gift ideas.

So I guess I was hungry when I made this because all of the gifts are pretty much food related. Anyways, hope you enjoy (: 

This is a Kona Kase you can check out their website here.

For the active dad you can get him a subscription to a monthly box club. Some of them you can choose to do a one time only box which is nice if you don't want to fork over a bunch of money.

And here you can find a review on the box and a coupon code!
If you wanna get real fancy you can go out and make your own box. Just go to REI, Sprouts, Whole Foods etc., and find things that you wouldn't normally buy and then put them together in a cute little box and let Dad do the taste testing (:

For the man with a sweet tooth you can do a DIY candy jar

This website has the how to along with the downloads you need to make the daddy stache

Find it in the Peg and Awl Etsy shop

For the eco friendly dad or maybe for just a bit of a stylish dad - you can get him this really lovely lunch bag.

If your dad works in an office and comes in with his lunch in this guy - theres no doubt he will be the coolest guy at work.

I think its perfect. Just look at it.

Don't you wanna touch it???

Find it in the Urban Cheese Craft Etsy shop

For the foodaddy. (Food + daddy - incase you didn't get it cause I'm not funny.)

I've always wanted to do this, and I'm thinking about actually getting one of these little kits
DIY cheese kit!

It comes with an instruction booklet and everything you need minus the milk. And it takes less than an hour to make!

Get the I LOVE BEER print here

If you're sitting here thinking to yourself "I really don't know what my dad likes other than beer"
Then I have found the Fathers Day gift for you.

Its simple and in a neutral color that goes with pretty much anything. It is a good price, and theres a cool old camera in this picture. (However, I'm pretty sure the camera isn't included with the print.)

Its a great way to show your dad how well you really know him. Haha. My dad doesn't drink beer but I know that a lot of manly men do.

Blackout Poetry - How to

I found out what blackout poetry was when I discovered Tyler Knott on tumblr. He has the loveliest poetry. Its all very heartfelt and seems to be written about someone he loves dearly. Which makes my heart really happy.

This one is one of my favorites of his 

Anyways back to blackout poetry. What you do is you find a page in a book. Pretty much any page will do. And you read it and pay close attention to words that you like. After you have gone through the page, you start to circle some words and essentially make a poem by crossing out all the words you don't want.

I have always really appreciated poetry, but whenever I try to write it myself, I just end up making Dr. Seuss rhymes. So I gave blackout poetry a try, and it turned out to be much deeper than anything I could've written on my own. 

I know it could be seen as a sort of "cheating" when it comes to writing poetry, but I don't agree. I love art. I was even going to try and double major in art and psychology (its literally not possible if you want to graduate in 4 years - art requires way too much time.) 
When it comes to drawing though, I have such a hard time coming up with original ideas, and it can be very disheartening to a creative soul. But something that comes really easily to me is making collages. Even though it is taking a bunch of things that you didn't make, it is still art. And not everyone can do collages. My friend is an incredible artist, he can draw super imaginative creative things, but he has no eye for how to make a collage. It takes a special talent and degree of creativity to see how things will come together to make something beautiful. So proof! Collaging is an art form. And I think blackout poetry is basically a collage in the verbally artistic world. 

At times when I am doing blackout poetry, there are words that I have found on the page that all go together, but they aren't in the right order. So I will do a modified blackout poetry (it takes a lot less sharpie and you don't even have to write in the book if you don't want to.) 
What I will do is just write out the words on a piece of paper and arrange them in the way that I want. After that I will find a picture online and add the poetry to it. 
Doing it that way also allows you to make variations of it, or add other words that you didn't find on the page. 
I didn't finish blacking it out, and I spilled cranberry juice on it but here is one of mine.
 An ordinary mind almost drowned by the dull hue of fear