Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Where I Work Wednesday!

I made up a new thing for Wednesday posts! I'm going to post pictures from work.

I am always taking new pictures at work. Mainly cause there is so much cuteness to be captured.

Where do I work you ask?

I work at a doggie daycare!!!

So on Wednesdays I'm going to introduce you to some of my friends (:
My camera roll on my phone has almost 1100 pictures on it and I would say there is a 3:1 ratio of pictures of dogs to pictures of other things. You could call that excessive if you'd like but I call it happiness!

So heres to a new Wednesday trend and with that I would like to introduce you to some friends. 

(From left to right) 
Row 1. Sparkle aka Sparky / Trooper / Brady 
Row 2. Frankles / Murphy / Striker
Row 3. Dash / Knucksie / George

I am one of the only ones that likes Sparky. She is kinda weird, but I think thats why I like her. She doesn't like to be pet unless she is ready for you to pet her. If you go up to her and touch her before she is ready, she will pee everywhere. 
Sometimes when she is boarding she won't come out of her suite to go to outside to go potty and it can be kinda a problem cause we need to get her out but if we try to touch her she will pee all over her bed and its hectic. But I like her for some reason. She paws at you when she wants you to pet her and its cute (:

Trooper is insane. But we all love him an awful lot. His mom is very into fitness, so she takes him on a run everyday and the run is at least 5 miles long (sometimes up to 10 miles long). And if he doesn't get his run in then he is crazy. His energy level will be through the roof and way too much for all the dogs in the play group to deal with. Which will cause the dogs to start getting angry with each other. But when he isn't going crazy he is a huge cuddle bug. He comes and climbs on you even if its not really a reasonable position for you. Like you could just be bending down to pick something up and boom! Trooper is in your lap. And you cant go anywhere. But we don't want to go anywhere once hes in our laps so its not a problem.

Frankles is always smiling. Its the cutest thing ever. Every picture I've ever seen of him he has been smiling. It makes me so happy!

Knucksie is at work with us every day. He loves coming to play but he also loves getting picked up. When pull up throughout the day he goes to look out the window. If there is a black car or a woman with blonde hair he thinks its his mom coming to pick him up. He will sprint to the gate and jump up and bark until we get his leash on. We will take him out to his mom but really he's taking us out. Ive almost fallen flat on my face multiple times. I think its actually going to happen soon. But anyways he runs and jumps on her and then grabs the end of his leash (like hes walking himself) and runs out to the car. Hes such a cutie. He also knows how to give hugs if you hold your arms out and say give me a hug he hugs you (: (:

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