Monday, June 3, 2013


Yesterday we had a little pool party at my house. I don't know if you know this but (drum roll please) its really hot in Arizona. Like we didn't even really want to be outside even when we were in the pool. It's scorching, and gross, and ug!

Anyways my day didn't start out so goodly. I had to go to the doctor cause I was having some unfun problems but good news is I'm all better and better news is the day got lots better!!

  Me and Taylor - We are adorable

            This here is Quay - he provides me with Netflix                 

 Roomies! Left is Aleesha - Right is Kristin 

Ok but really the best part of the day was this little oinker!!!! He is so perfect and I was definitely hogging him (ha. puny.) But its official. I must have one. Like must times a million. Also fun fact about me - I call all baby things puppy. And he was a puppy. And actually kinda acted like a puppy. He wags his cute little tail and begs for food just like Bullseye does.

 I was so so happy when I was holding him. He like just sunngled up on me and laid there for so long. Ahhhh. If somebody would like to give me a pig I would gladly accept and also if you wanted I would let you pet sit.

                  His snout was the cutest part of him                          My POV when I was laying with him                                                        

And special for you today - I present you all with a GIF! I look like im in a fisheye lense in one of the pictures. My eyes get huge (O)(O) <<<those are eyes 


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    1. It was alot of fun! And the mess wasnt even that bad afterwards - which is always an added bonus (: