Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Inspiration List - Crazy little lady

In my last inspiration list post I talked about my P.E class and the drama that was involved with it.

I became a little tainted after my friends pooped on my and stopped being nice. It made it hard for me to trust girls in the years to follow and I still have some difficulties with it presently. But luckily I wasn't scared of making new girl friends yet during this time in P.E

This girl is probably one of the silliest people I have ever met in my life. She is always laughing and going around with her friends making fools of themselves. But when I say that I mean it as a compliment. She is always loving life and being EXACTLY who she wants to be. She never holds back because thats what "society" says to do.

And I was lucky enough to be put in a P.E class with her.

The friends I had were very extremely grossly judgmental people. So I was used to acting a certain way so that I would fit into their mold of acceptable. I thought for the longest time (even after I stopped being friends with them) that if they were (negatively) judging people who were a certain way, then other people would be judging those people too. So I was afraid for so long to be myself.

(Side note: I try my hardest not to be judgmental of people. When someone I'm with says something about some random person they don't know, I will stand up for that person. Who cares what they are doing - unless of course its causing harm to someone else - its their life, you don't know them, it shouldn't be something that you waste your time on. Let people do what makes them happy.)

But my new found friend in P.E she began the transformation in me. She showed me how to be yourself and that when you are yourself, your life will be much more enjoyable.

She put absolutely no thought into what people were thinking about her when she was having fun with her friends. She had no reason to. She was living in the moment and loving life. And THAT is beautiful.

Slowly throughout the year I started being sillier and stopped caring so much about what the other people were thinking about me.

Megan Opatz. 
You beautiful soul you. 

Thank you so much for being a part of my life. I literally don't know how I could've gotten through high school if I kept holding back who I was just because I cared too much about what other people thought.

I am 100% myself now. I love who I am. And if someone doesn't like that I'm a little too silly or act like a loser, then they aren't worthy of being in my presence and they can just leave. I'm the me-est me that I can be and that is all thanks to you Megs.

I hope you are having a wonderful time in college and I hope you know I will love you forever.

Never stop being you

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