Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Where I Work Wednesday!

This is Roo. I call him Roo Roo. He is my best friend at work. He isn't my all time favorite little dog at work (you will meet her later). But Roo is there everyday. Maybe if he wasn't there all the time he'd be my favorite cause I'd miss him more. But anyways.

 I actually did not like Roo one bit when I first started working there. I felt really bad for his sister for having to live Roo cause she was so sweet and he was such a brat. But my manager at the time I got hired told me to pay more attention to the dogs you don't like then the dogs you do like. Mainly because there was probably a reason you didn't like the dog i.e the barked too much and you couldn't get them to stop (that's what Roo did). 
So I payed attention to him. An figured out how to get him to stop barking. And once I did that I realized that he had a lot of cute characteristics (: 

And I also realized his sister is the real brat. She just wears a "I'm totally cute and innocent" facade. 

Roo likes when I blow in his face. He rubs his face up against my leg and rolls onto his back and it's so adorable. 

So that's my bestie. He's a little stink but he's my stink. 


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