Sunday, June 9, 2013

Current Obsessions

Top left - Fringe

Bottom left - Fruttare bars
If you haven't tried them you need to. The mango one is amazing and I really like the peaches and cream one. But I vote you try mango first.

Right - Mara Dyer trilogy
I've only read the first two books so far but both of them have been really great. They are super suspenseful and can be a little bit scary at times. But recently I have liked my books a little scary. It involves supernatural stuff and a psychiatric institute and animals and a British boy (:

But really mainly just Fringe. I spend all my time watching it. Its phenomenal. I don't know why I like it so much, but I feel like my past obsession with Donnie Darko is some how tied into it. Both have time travel. And they do weird science things in both - kinda.

Thank Jesus I didn't watch this show while it was on air. I wouldn't have been able to handle the commercials, or the waiting between episodes. And don't even get me started about waiting for a new season.

So basically this is going to turn into a Fringe appreciation post. And I'm not sorry

This is Walter Bishop. He is a scientist that is also partly crazy (they have to break him out of a mental institution).He is like a crazy old grandpa and its awesome. He says the funniest things and in the first episode when he said he wet him self - but it was just a squirt... thats when I knew I was going to love the show

This is Peter Bishop, he is Walters son. Kind of. He is really smart but also kind of a bad boy. He is the source of all the worlds problems (literally). And he may or may not be real. He never gets deja vu - which is actually an important little tidbit about him.

Him and Olivia have a thing and we want them to be together like ├╝ber badly. 

This is Olivia Dunham, she is the main character in the show; she is an FBI agent. She has to get Walter out of the mental hospital so she gets Peter to help her. She was in some kind of experimental trial with Walter when she was a child and it gives her special - brian powers - I guess you could call it. 

see see! super cute

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