Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weak in the knees

I say skip dinner and go straight for this dessert!

Ok. Well. Just. Its Johnny Depp. Like he is perfect. He is 50 and I honest to God believe he is the most attractive man on the planet. 

Matthew Gray Gubler 
Look how stinkin cute that awkward smile is. Gahhhhh! I think I actually have a real crush on him. Not just think he's attractive. I like how nerdy he is. And he seems super approachable and real and he wears cute clothes. Also somewhere on the internet there is a picture of him (kinda similar to the last one on the strip of pictures) where he looks like Johnny Depp x1000 and that also makes me like him more :D

Samuel Larsen 
I can't. I cannot. I looked at pictures of him for like an hour while I was making this post. His eyes were looking at me. Do you see those eyes?!? And they basically are saying "Dylan, I love you" and omg I believe it. Tell me I'm not crazy -- I don't think I'm the only one who sees it but gosh he is staring into my soul, and winning over my heart. Haha. 


Well cross my t's and dot my i's he is just perfect. He is just the right amount of hippy. 
I could marry him.


  1. This post. OMG. I can't even. We're gonna have to fight over Johnny & Matthew because I love them too.

    1. But! How am I supposed to chooooose?

  2. So difficult to choose , oh god . I am already so crazy of JD probably he's a constant image of "Willy Wonka"
    Noor @ Noor's Place