Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ive been so busy


guys I have been neglecting you and I am terribly sorry about that. I just moved into a new apartment and with that I need to find a job closer to where I'm living cause I don't have a backyard for my dog anymore so I need to be home more to let her out.

So I have been doing that and I have been knocking things off of a super long to do list and that has left me without new blog posts.

I am going to be picking up my game again soon I promise.


  1. Doggie Daycare! My little pup loves when he goes and then I pick him up and he is totally tuckered out! And we all know a tired pup is a happy pup! I would really recommend it if you can't get home all the time. I'm a student too and you can find some cheap options!

    1. Hehe I work at a doggie daycare but the problem is its right by my parents house and I eat dinner there after work and if I were to bing my dog with me then I couldn't go to my parents cause one of my dogs that lives with my parents doesn't get along with the dog that lives with me. So it's stinky