Thursday, May 30, 2013

Inspiration List - Tall boy

All through out high school this person seemed to be there for me whenever I was having some sort of crisis.

...which happened more often than you would expect

My freshman year me and my best friend sat next to each other in math class. Which is like every girls dream. Having a class with your best friend and getting to sit with them everyday. Right? Wrong.

We fought like no other. It was miserable.
Luckily I'm good at math so it didn't effect my grades. But my god we were horrible.

I have this small problem called I cry. I have no idea how to express my negative feelings in any way other than just crying. Which I mean is better than being someone who is violent or something, but when you get in fights with your best friend at school all the time - you turn into "that girl" who cries all the time.

One day I lost it. She(best friend) had told me that we were going to hang out on Friday and it was now Friday so I asked if she was coming over after school and she said no cause she had other plans.
And I was like well we had plans. And no lie she said "that was just if nobody else asked me to hang out."

Like for real. Not so nice to do.

I asked if I could hang out with them. And she said nobody really liked hanging out with me anymore because I was like a little immature 7th grader still (I remember this whole conversation pretty much word for word.)  Her reason for saying that was because I wouldn't go sneak out of the house with them and go get drunk...

I lost it. I started bawling and the teacher noticed and told me I could go outside to calm down. It was at the beginning of class when this happened. So there was a long time for me to sit out there. And I had no intention of calming down.
After probably 15 minutes of sitting out there someone came out and sat with me. He talked to me until I wasn't crying anymore. And I think that was the first time he came to my rescue.

Right after math we had P.E. together. Me, best friend, and the one this is about.
So fights would usually cary over into P.E or we would just start a fight in P.E but whenever it happened - he was there for me. Through all my ridiculous sobbing.

And it wasnt always just crying cause of her. There was crying because of breakups (more on that later).

He hadn't been my friend for like years and this was something he was obligated to do. I had only met him that year. And out of the kindness of his heart he was there for me to vent to, to cry to, and he was there to calm me down.

Through the rest of high school he was there for me whenever I needed it. And I think to this day if I ever needed him he would be there for me.

Daniel Weser.
This ones for you.

Thank you for helping me become who I am today. Thank you for putting up with my crying about basically the same all the time. Thank you for making me see that I deserved to be treated better than people were treating me. Because of you I am a stronger person and have more respect for myself.

lots of love