Friday, May 31, 2013

Just got some awesome recipes!

Have you ever had a green smoothie?

They are actually not as gross or scary as they sound. They taste just like a regular delicious smoothie but there are a ton of extra nutrients to make you happy and healthy in them!

Today I bought Simple Green Smoothies Recipe Card Kit. There are 39 recipes and they all look so yummy. Today is the last day of their sale and you can get it for $5!!!

If you are still skeptical about this whole why on earth is my smoothie green thing you can check out their Green Smoothie Crash Course E-book which is free to download and gives you a ton of great info about what these smoothies do for you.

I think these girls are doing a great thing and its always nice to have healthy yummy recipes so you should go over and check them out

shine forth


  1. I always feel fear from green smoothies. You must have known about the gourd juice ;)
    New follower, actually I slipped on your blog and it's lovely :)

    1. Dont be afraid, you really cant taste the spinach if you make sure you add enough fruit

      And thank you (: you and your sister have very nice blogs too (: