Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Inspiration List - Two for one

I think the most important thing you two did for me was keep me a kid for as long as possible.

We actually would go out and do stuff when we hung out. We would go to the park and do sports or build forts or go explore the world.

A: When you moved I didn't know what I was going to do without you. I had a few best friends but you and I had so much fun together. We were such dorks and nobody understood us and it was wonderful

B: God we fought so much but I also loved you a lot. Our fights were so dumb but at the time they seemed so important. I think I actually have some of the fight notes you wrote me. Haha

A lot of the crazy days of my teenie bopper days happened with you two. Crazy stuff is gonna go down in middle school, but I'm glad it went down with the two of you

Brianna and Ashley Olson.
Thank you for helping make me who I am today. And thank you for keeping my childhood alive.

Hope all is well


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